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Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen

Thursday, March 10, 2016Richa

I was running out of my Josie Maran sunscreen, but it wasn’t available at Sephora so I end up buying this one. I was little skeptical of buying it because I had never heard of Consonant before. I end up choosing it because it consists of natural ingredients. It’s rather expensive(CDN $45 +tax for 50ml) as compared to other sunscreens.

It is of a thick consistency with a little tint to it. You really need to give it a few minutes to let it soak into your skin. It does have a tacky finish, but not greasy by any means. It wears very well under makeup. Does not make you look oily at all. The tint, however is too light on my skintone. As long as I’m using makeup on top of it, I’m good, but I can’t wear it on no makeup days because of the tint. I hope Consonant comes out with a non tint version of it.

If you are of a lighter complexion, the tint would work in your favour by evening out your skintone.

Verdict – It’s an expensive sunscreen (CDN $45 +tax , 50ml), if you don’t mind the price and the tint, it’s actually a very good sunscreen. It’s not easy to find a sunscreen which is all natural and works well. It doesn’t give any white cast, doesn’t make you look oily and provides the protection you need (SPF 30). 

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