Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops beauty

Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops

Thursday, March 10, 2016Richa

AlgenistREVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops

As you guys know, colour correctors are THE THING right now. Each and every brand of makeup is coming out with their version of colour correctors. I am always looking for good correctors especially to cover dark circles under my eyes. I received a deluxe size sample of both Apricot and Pink . I was super excited to get my hands on these correctors BUT as soon as I opened the bottle of Apricot, I tested it on my hands, I was disappointed. It’s very sheer. I used it under my eyes, it did absolutely nothing to cover my dark circles. It just disappeared

I also tried the pink one to brighten up my complexion. I used it under my foundation and also tried it by mixing a drop or two in my foundation, but I saw no difference. I don’t see any use of these correctors. In today’s world, when each and every company is coming out with amazing correctors, I’m not sure what Algenist team was thinking when creating these very thin and sheer correctors. To be fair, it might work for someone with a virtually perfect skin. It might make their skin look even more perfect? I’m not sure…

Verdict - If you are looking for a corrector to help cover up your problem areas like hyperpigmentation, dark circles, dark spots, redness etc. stay away from these correctors. There are better options available in the market.

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