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Outfit of the day - Aug 8th, 2015

Saturday, August 08, 2015Richa

Morning all,

Well, This is not what I was planning to wear today but due to some unfortunate incident, I had to change the whole outfit. 

Typically, I dress up little ones after I get ready in the morning. So, just like any other day I got up, took a shower, sat on my dresser chair to put on my makeup. After I was done, moved on to wake up my little one. While I was dressing her up, I reached on to my dresser to get the hairbrush and guess what I noticed? My PRTTY PEAUSHUN cream all over the chair I was sitting on. Apparently, I didn’t notice there was an open pouch of PRTTY PEAUSHUN cream on the chair before resting my bum on it. Both my jeans and top were a mess from behind. I had to change my clothes in a rush as I was getting late already. Put together an outfit in rush and quickly took pictures for the blog....PHEWWW!

Anyway, here are the details of the outfit.

Jean – Dynamite
Top – SuzyShier
Shoes – Aldo
Watch – Michael Kors
Bracelets – Mix and match from different places
Necklace – Some Etsy store(it's pretty old)

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  1. You call this dressing in rush ? Are you kidding me ? You look stunning Richa


  2. Awww you are so sweet Deepika..Muaaahhh!


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