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GERARD COSMETICS STAR POWDER Highlighters - Audrey and Marilyn

Wednesday, July 22, 2015Richa

Gerard Cosmetics released their very own Highlighters not too long ago. I end up buying two of them.


Packaging is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious looking. It comes with a plastic shield on the product.

Marilyn(Left) is a Golden, luminous powderAudrey(Right) is a warm champagne gold that is reflective and high shine.




These powders have luxurious velvety texture and they go on very smoothly. Very easy to work with and provide a beautiful sheen on the skin. These powders are long wearing. Just apply on the high points of your cheeks, bridge of your nose and on the centre of your forehead and you will be glowing like a goddess.

Verdict - I'm very impressed with these powders. To be very honest, I was not expecting these powders to be that good because I'm not a big fan of GC lipsticks. I'm very happy with these star powders and Marilyn is hands down my favourite out of the two I have.

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