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Wet n Wild Hollywood Boulevard Swatches and Review

Sunday, July 19, 2015Richa

This is exactly how I felt when I used this highlighter for the first time. 

OMG! It’s gorgeous. It is one of those marbleized highlighters. It’s the perfect Golden/Champaign highlighter with peachy pink veining. This highlighter will look good on all skin colors.
It is one of my favorite highlighters(and I’ve a ton of highlighters). Easy to blend and so very soft. It reflects a lot of light and gives you the perfect J- LO glow that we all love.
So, If you want that perfect J-Lo glow, go grab this beauty right away.

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  1. Loved ur new venture dear..All the best and i too love this highlighter.. :)

    1. Thanks Rashi for always being so supportive.


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